The Viritech Apricale: Britain’s own hydrogen-powered hypercar

Viritech, which is moving into a new engineering facility at Horiba-MIRA in the British Midlands, plans to make hydrogen powertrains its core business, across a bunch of industries including aerospace, marine, energy, road and rail freight. The Apricale is one of three showpieces it's building in small numbers to demonstrate and draw attention to its... Continue Reading →

Elation Hypercars announces a 1,903-hp, electric gull-winged monster

Another day, another completely bonkers electric hypercar. The Elation Freedom has a truly cringeworthy name, but we'd put up with it for the experience of driving a sweet-looking, 1,903-horsepower, gull-winged beast like this one. It's the culmination of six years' work from Elation founders Carlos Satulovsky ("International Airline Pilot, Visionary Entrepreneur, Adventurer"), Mauro Saravia Acosta ("Engineer, designer, and manufacturer... Continue Reading →

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series claims production car record at Nürburgring

Earlier this year we saw Mercedes-AMG roll out its most powerful V8 ever, the GT Black Series, and the automaker has wasted little time in showing what it can do. While street legal, the 4-liter twin turbo was designed to do its business primarily on the racetrack, and having just rounded the Nürburgring Nordschleife faster than... Continue Reading →

Porsche pulls three wild, unreleased concepts out of the bag

In a glimpse of futures that could've been, Porsche Design Studio has unveiled three street car concepts that have never before been shown to the public: one Le Mans racer-based hypercar, one open-top sportscar, and one electric riff on the Kombi van. The process of automotive development is torturously long; by the time a production... Continue Reading →

F1-Grade Bugatti Bolide reaches 311+ mph with shape-shifting air scoop

The most "extreme, uncompromising, fastest and lightest" vehicle concept in Bugatti's recent history – it's a description that refuses to be ignored, for anyone vaguely familiar with Bugatti's past work in putting out some of the world's most extreme, uncompromising and fast cars. Pushing itself ever further, the French marque presents the Bolide, an ultralight,... Continue Reading →

Ares turns the C8 Corvette into a Jaw-Dropping Roofless Hypercar

The 2020 Corvette C8 Stingray is absolutely one of the most exciting supercars on the market at the moment, largely because its sub-US$60k price tag actually makes it accessible to a lot of the kind of people who desperately want a mid-engined monster that looks great and goes hard, but who will never be able to come... Continue Reading →

SSC Tuatara sets 316-mph record to become world’s fastest production car

Thirteen years after it made a name for itself with its first world speed record, SSC has done it again, absolutely blowing the field away with a new official world speed record. On Saturday, October 10, on a dry, sun-drenched stretch of state highway outside Las Vegas, pro driver Oliver Webb took the wheel of the... Continue Reading →

Lotus Evija Hypercar shreds out 2,000 horsepower at Goodwood

Lotus has finally given the Evija hypercar its first public debut, at Goodwood SpeedWeek. The all-electric monster is taking part in the event's high-octane activities – including the Supercar Run – using electrons instead of fire. In all, three pre-production examples of the new Lotus Evija are at SpeedWeek. One of them is in Solaris Yellow... Continue Reading →

Delage returns with a 1,100-horsepower, $2.3-million tandem hypercar

A historic French brand is set to return with one of the most extreme hypercar designs ever. The new holders of the Delage brand are squarely focused on the Nurburgring lap record with the monstrous D12 and its 7.6-liter, naturally aspirated V12. Miami-based French entrepreneur Laurent Tapie has leased the rights to the Delage name, with an... Continue Reading →

Mercedes-AMG’s 1000-hp Project One takes to the track

The most ambitious car in Mercedes-AMG's history has been a long time coming. We first met the Project One back in 2017, which in Internet years is several lifetimes ago, so you'd be forgiven for forgetting it existed. But this thing is the real deal, a road/track focused distillation of the technology that's propelled Mercedes to... Continue Reading →

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