Genesis X concept examines electric GT design through razor-sharp eyes

Hyundai Motor Group has been pulling out all the stops in the design department lately, dazzling drivers with new looks like the Hyundai Staria MPV and Prophecy concept. The luxury brand of the group has taken the next step, debuting the impossibly long, sleek Genesis X Concept. What it lacks in naming creativity, the electric GT makes up... Continue Reading →

Electric i4 sedan gnaws its way into BMW’s future with gaping maw

Stepping its all-electric line forward from the iX SUV, BMW presents a first look at the next potential Tesla sedan rival. The i4 sedan brings plenty of all-electric horsepower and an admirable range, but unfortunately tucks it all behind BMW's now-signature swollen, sagging kidneys — too much grille for any car, especially an all-electric luxury "gran... Continue Reading →

All-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L loads in three rows and plenty of tech

Jeep introduced the all-new fifth-generation Grand Cherokee on Thursday, promising more driving capability on road and off, more room, and a more robust tech suite soon to include hands-free driving. The Grand Cherokee family is topped by a new "L" model that offers three-row seating for the first time, expanding the Grand Cherokee's ability to... Continue Reading →

2020 BMW X3 Hybrid – a plug gets added to the popular SAV

BMW has been slowly electrifying all of its vehicles. The small X3 crossover has been a popular staple in the automaker's lineup for a few years, offering family-sized luxury with BMW’s signature driver’s focus. Now the X3 has a plug-in option, the X3 Hybrid. The vehicle builds on the well-done X3 "sport activity vehicle" (SAV)... Continue Reading →

Up close with the “post-opulent” new Rolls-Royce Ghost

Ostentatious displays of wealth have always been a bit distasteful, but they're becoming considerably more so in recent years as the gaping chasm between the uber-rich and the rest of us has broadened and deepened. And that was before the pandemic, in which so many folk have lost their jobs and businesses. Rolls-Royce hasn't stuck... Continue Reading →

VW’s sub-$40K 250-mile ID.4 crossover dares Americans to go electric

Bringing electric vehicle technology closer to the tipping point at which the masses embrace it, Volkswagen today revealed the ID.4 crossover. With the small SUV packaging modern car buyers can't seem to get enough of, a bright, modern look, available all- and rear-wheel drive options, and pricing set to dip into the low $30s after... Continue Reading →

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets a total makeover with 4-Wheel Steering

Mercedes-Benz is taking its flagship luxury limousine up a notch, and throwing the kitchen sink at it in the process. From rear wheel steering, to body language interpretation, to voice control in 27 languages, it's an exercise in total opulence. And boy does the company want you to know about it: 288 photos, 33 separate... Continue Reading →

2021 Lexus LS model refresh includes hands-free highway cruise

Lexus has tweaked the fifth generation of its flagship luxury sedan, with new LS500 and LS500H hybrid models going on sale later this year. Originally launched in 1989, the LS is coming up on 800,000 cumulative sales, and the 2021 model will be a lightly made-over evolution of the one launched in 2017. "Comfort, quiet... Continue Reading →

Ultra Exclusive S650 Night Edition is the new top of the Maybach range

The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Night Edition is here, and you can't have one. Only 15 of these ultra-exclusive luxury sedans will be built, fitted with monstrous 6-liter V12 engines and beaten heavily with the luxury stick. That twin-turbo V12, unchanged from the non-Night-Edition S 650, is tuned for a supercar-like 621 horsepower and 738 lb-ft... Continue Reading →

BMW sharpens its 4 Series for 2020, and just look at these photos

BMW has sharpened up its 4-series sports coupé in line with the "grille-o-rama" Concept 4 we saw last year, clearly differentiating it from the more conservative 3-series with a long, lean and ever-so-slightly muscular look featuring the biggest nostrils since Chief Wiggum. All the key details from the concept have made it through into production, softened off... Continue Reading →

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