Electric Audi A6 e-Tron concept beams out video games while charging

Audi is pushing forward with its electric design, adding e-tron power to the A6 lineage. Debuted at Auto Shanghai 2021, the all-new A6 e-tron concept previews a sporty fastback sedan planned for future launch. The new concept uses a combination of LEDs and OLEDs to light up the road ahead, send out warnings and messages... Continue Reading →

Toyota previews bZ line of BEVs with solar-charging SUV concept

Toyota has expanded on its vision of the future of electrified vehicles, today announcing a bZ series of BEV (battery electric vehicle) models and revealing a new concept as the debut model in the lineup. The automaker will be showing off the Toyota bZ4X at Auto Shanghai this week, as the first of 15 BEV... Continue Reading →

478 Mile Mercedes EQS brings Top Of Range electric luxury

Fast-building its EQ family, Mercedes-Benz brings all-electric power to the flagship of the brand: the S-Class. After months of teasing, it has finally given the all-new EQS a proper world premiere. The electric sedan explores the highest echelons of the electric market with a range that pushes 500 miles, a sleek, slippery design that Mercedes... Continue Reading →

Lexus unveils forward-looking LF-Z Electrified concept car

Lexus has unveiled an electric concept car to show how the brand will look moving forward into an EV future. The LF-Z Electrified is a dedicated battery-electric vehicle (BEV) platform showcase and is, according to Lexus, a glimpse of what’s coming by 2025. The SUV-like concept takes the form of a four-door sedan with a... Continue Reading →

Kia’s EV6 electric crossover boasts up to 577 hp or 316 miles of range

Based on the same Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia's all-new EV6 becomes the brand's next step into the electrified future. The new e-crossover family promises impressive numbers from bottom to top, including up to 316 miles of range, 577 hp and 800-volt fast charging that adds 62 miles of range in... Continue Reading →

Electric i4 sedan gnaws its way into BMW’s future with gaping maw

Stepping its all-electric line forward from the iX SUV, BMW presents a first look at the next potential Tesla sedan rival. The i4 sedan brings plenty of all-electric horsepower and an admirable range, but unfortunately tucks it all behind BMW's now-signature swollen, sagging kidneys — too much grille for any car, especially an all-electric luxury "gran... Continue Reading →

Volvo launches C40 Recharge fully electric SUV – for online sales only

Volvo has launched a new battery-electric crossover, the C40 Recharge, which is the first Volvo ever designed to be electric-only. The automaker has also announced that all EV sales will move to an online platform. The C40 will be the first of the Volvo EVs sold on the upcoming Care by Volvo platform for online... Continue Reading →

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo E-Wagon charges for Off-Road Adventure

Usually during the first days of March, we find ourselves delightedly wading through a sea of the world's most exotic supercars and concepts at the annual Geneva Motor Show. It was here that Porsche first revealed the Cross Turismo AWD electric wagon concept three years ago, back when the Taycan was still the Mission E. Even though there's no show... Continue Reading →

Audi unveils its all-electric e-tron GT performance saloon

More than two years after teasing its electrified grand touring concept at the LA Auto Show, Audi has finally pulled back the curtain on its first electric performance saloon, the e-tron GT. Available as both a GT base model and high-performance RS variant, the all-wheel-drive flagships mark another step into the realm of electrification for Audi, which... Continue Reading →

Microsoft teams up with Cruise on development of self-driving cars

Microsoft is looking to leverage its prowess in cloud computing to help usher in the era of autonomous vehicles, with the company announcing a partnership with Cruise, the self-driving arm of General Motors. Described as long-term, the partnership aims to make use of Microsoft’s Azure platform as Cruise looks to commercialize its autonomous vehicles in the... Continue Reading →

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